Golf is Safe

  • Golf Is Safe … over 20 Million rounds played throughout the province in 2020 and no known confirmed cases of COVID transmission at a golf course.
  • Golf has important health benefits – the studies are clear about golf – it is good for your heart, it relieves stress, and it can improve your mental health.
  • We have heard legions of doctors and medical professionals, including the Ontario COVID-19 Science Table, speak out in support of outdoor recreation (including golf) being open. The science seems clear – the risk of outdoor transmission is extremely low.
  • Numerous elected officials throughout the province have publicly pleaded for the reopening of outdoor recreational amenities.
  • Golf has a clear set of well established, very safe protocols.


  • Golf is naturally aligned to physical distancing. It takes place in vast outdoor spaces and is played with 4 people or less. Perhaps no other sport is this well positioned against this terrible virus.
  • Our protocols are well established and safe. We proved it in 2020 and are committed to these protocols in 2021.
  • Clear and consistent screening procedures.  Golfers must book a tee-time, can pre-pay, and are screened before enjoying the facilities.
  • Golf has important health benefits.  The studies are clear about golf … it gets golfers outside, it is good for your heart, it relieves stress, and it can improve your mental health. In fact, the Ontario COVID-19 Science Table’s Fighting COVID-19 in Ontario: The Way Forward states that “Maintaining social connections and outdoor activity are important to our overall physical and mental health … It means clearly encouraging safe outdoor activities.”
  • Golf Is A Home Game. Recent research conducted by NGCOA Canada and Golf Canada in the past week confirmed that more than 85% of golf in 2020 was played locally. People are not travelling around the province to golf. With over 800 golf courses throughout Ontario, there is virtually a golf course in every community to be enjoyed.


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